Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mr. Darkside...

I've been a little negative lately (talking about death, calling people idiots, etc.) so let's try something a little out of character...positivity!

Chillin out in Elbow Valley for the next few days. Jin and I are housesitting/babysitting at my uncle's place. How is it that we're babysitting my cousins you ask? Well, my uncle Kel (Mom's brother) is the youngest in his family by a good deal and he got married a fair bit later in his life than my Mom. The result is that his son and daughter are still in grade school. That means that when my aunt and uncle go away, Jin and I get to hang out in their house (read here not "bungalow" but "3000 sq. ft. mansionesque home") and play with the kids. How is that being positive? Well, first of all I'm not being negative, but there's more...

I was just wandering about on other blogs/websites and ran across a post by my friend Erin at her site where she was reflecting on the beauty of nature, the joy of marriage and the grace of God. Very good stuff (though very old as well...for shame Erin, get updating). It made me think of the wonderfully beautiful landscape out here on the edge of Calgary, the amazingly refreshing rain today and the simple joy and grace that can be found in reflecting on God's creation.

So raise a glass of whatever it is you're drinking tonight and offer a silent prayer of thanks for grace, beauty and every opportunity we get to enjoy them both. Blessings.

**bonus points to the first to recognize the veiled pop-culture reference in the title**


KyleHarnett said...

Unfortunately I don't know the pop culture reference :(

Anyways this is such a true statement about the beauty of where we are, I think that being content with where we are, and enjoying God's grace is all a personal choice.

Though I don't think the rain was refreshing, I had to do landscaping/construction out in it, it wasn't very refreshing at all, haha.

Colin said...

sigh...well it looks like nobody thinks my pop-culture reference game is as much fun as I thought it would be (which is sad since I thought it was pretty lame too)...the reference was to Mr. Brightside by the Killers...just so you I'm just adding elipses for fun...cause I'm bored...and don't want to go shopping...cause after that I have to work...which means reading more Ricoeur...which hurts my head...sigh.