Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Just read my first real dose of Jaques Derrida. Ouch. Can't really feel my brain right now. I am happy to say, however, that I understood at least two whole paragraphs, as well as (I think) several disjointed sentences here and there (the article was roughly 15pgs long). For those of you who think that this is a poor showing I invite you to have a go at anything written by this father of deconstruction and postmodern thought. For those of you who have read some Derrida, my post title should give a hint concerning the content of the paragraph that I did understand. My brain is getting more and more nimble, yet paradoxically more and more tired with every passing day. I really need to find the core of this thesis so that I can start writing it soon. Well, on to Ricoeur (whose name I can't even spell right consistently). Cheers all.


Trevor said...

Ouch is about right. Just your explanation of the article was enough to give poor lil' ol' youth pastor a headache. Let me tell you after 3 years of speaking to Jr. high kids my poor brain can't seem to pick up the scholarly language again. I had unbelievable trouble with my entrance essay for my Master's degree. Oh well. You always were the smart one. Good luck with that writing!

Colin said... friend, if I'm the smart one we're all in a lot of trouble.