Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I have a pretty extensive blogroll off on my sidebar there, and it represents a lot of the blogs that I frequent, but there are a few brilliant blogs out there that for whatever reason I haven't gotten around to including.  I mostly get to those blogs only irregularly and via other people's blogrolls (especially Jon's and Jim's).  But I've been thinking that those blogs deserve the very, very little bit of press that I can give them in the hopes that others will find them as entertaining and challenging as I do.  So, here's where I lurk (I comment every once in a while, but mostly I lurk), check them out and enjoy:

First up is the thoughts of forrestsaurus.  I don't think I know Forrest herself, but I'm pretty sure I know her in-laws.  In any case she is an absolutely wonderful poet and photographer.  I strongly recommend you go surf around and check out her work.

Next are two blogs that belong to a couple of Jon's old profs from Briercrest, Scatterings and Theommentary.  Fun, eclectic musings on life and theology and academia.

One of the best biblioblogs out there (again inexplicably absent from my blogroll) is Scotteriology, Scott Bailey's blog.  He is very smart, outrageously funny, and used to be an NHL goalie.  Especially good are his hermeneutics videos.

Another biblioblog I hit once in a while is Clayboy.  A fun read from an Anglican minister in the UK.

Finally there's Matt Wilkinson's sinnersbleeders.  A delightfully eclectic blend of indie film and music, with some cultural criticism thrown in for good measure.  If you're looking for new music and new films you've never heard of but should watch, sinnersbleeders is a good place to find them.

There you are, a little PR plug for some blogs you should all try.  Happy surfing.


Scott Bailey said...

Thank you!