Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sigh...Yet Another Meme...

If you read the comments on my last post you will see that I was both heckled for never posting on my blog, and tagged by my wife once again. In the interests of pacifying my friend and my wife, I shall take up the meme torch once more. So the idea is things in groups of eight. Off we go:

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

God as revealed in Jesus Christ
The Bible and Theology

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

Get my doctorate
Be a great husband and father
Go to Italy (Bologna in particular)
Write an academic book
Write a non-academic book
Open a restaurant (as a retirement project, if I get that far)
Live in one place long enough to become part of the community and see my son (and any other future kids) grow up.
Train and challenge a new generation of pastors for the Church

8 Things I Say Often:

Hello Monkey!! (to Liam usually)
I love you (to Jin or Liam or both)
Holly, shut up.
Okie dokie
If you say so
No, I haven't heard back from any grad schools
Sure thing Leslie (Leslie is by boss)
Damn, I make good food!

8 Books I've Read Recently (or am reading now):

With the Grain of the Universe - Stanley Hauerwas
Old Testament Theology - Gerhard von Rad
The Night Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko
The Day Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko
Resident Aliens - Stanley Hauerwas
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana - Umberto Eco
On Food and Cooking - Harold McGee
De-constructing the Dish - David Adjey

8 Movies I Could Watch to Over and Over (this used to be songs I could listen to, but I like movies better):

The Matrix (the whole series)
High Fidelity
Harry Potter (the whole series)
Star Wars (the original series)
Indiana Jones (the whole series)

8 Things I Like in a Friend:

Sense of fun
Good taste in movies and books :)
People who challenge me

And as always, not doing the end bit where I tag other people. This blog is where memes come to die.


Tara said...

you know Colin... if you did posts on your own we all wouldn't need to tag you so often :)

But hey, thanks for placating us.

the Doug said...

Dude! You let me down. You are caving in on these tagging things means that it's harder for me to stand and resist these silly things.


What was that Adjey book like?

Colin Toffelmire said...

the Adjey book is great. It's kind of a standard cookbook, but instead of just a collection of recipes one after the other he presents his recipes as whole dishes...protein, veg, carb and everything. And the recipes are fantastic! I've only made a couple of things so far, but they've gone over huge.