Thursday, September 14, 2006

Devil Games or Man that Takes Me Back...

Wandering about on Heimy's blog I ran across a post that took me back to my college days (damn, thinking about the fact that I have "college days" sure does make me feel old). Heimy makes note of the wonderful, fantastically low-tech video game X-Com. This game is a Devil Game. Now before any of my conservative readers get bent out of shape (something that is unlikely to happen as I have almost no readers anyways, and most of them aren't all that conservative, see last post) let me explain. A Devil Game is a video game that does certain things to one's life. There are very specific criteria that make a game a Devil Game. They are as follows:

1.If you play a game for more than 6hrs in one sitting, it is a Devil Game.
2.If you intentionally choose to play a game over spending time with other human beings, it is a Devil Game.
3.If you neglect pressing matters like homework, work, bathroom breaks, etc. in order to play a game, it is a Devil Game.
4.If you play a game instead of sleeping, it is a Devil Game.
5.If you spend your time away from home thinking about playing a game, it is a Devil Game.

Anyways, Chris has recently discovered a new video game with the same essential concept as X-Com. I hate to burst his bubble, but there have, in fact, been at least three evolutions of X-Com itself over the past decade or so. I once very seriously considered buying one for Chris as a b-day present, but thought that it would be cruel to expose him again. Like buying a dime bag for a heroin addict or bringing some Johnny Walker Blue to an AA meeting.

Anyways, Chris' post brought me back to the old days and I felt the need to ramble. Night all.


Chris Heimsoth said...

Hey, I am not that bad, I mean, it's been years since I have stabed anyone for a fix of gaming

the Doug said...

A stabbing?
Speaking of Devil Games, someone just lent me "Rise of Nations"... gotta go!